Aiden Myers College Fund

Amy Aiden Myers.jpg

Amy Myers passed away on Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017. She left behind her young son, Aiden Myers.

All donations to the Aiden Myers College Fund received through NAC are tax-deductible.

Ava Slezak Care Fund

Ava Slezak.jpg

In January 2015, Ava Slezak was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome, a severe neuro-genetic disorder. Right now Ava's biggest need is extensive therapy to help her reach basic milestones and her best potential. Gifts will be designated for therapy and other expenses not covered by insurance. All gifts received through NAC are tax-deductible.

Griffis Adoption Fund

Griffis Adoption.jpg

Mike & Shelby Griffis adopted their amazing little Jeffrey Matthew in early January. You can read one friend's version of their challenging and God-filled story here. Their family incurred a large financial burden in order to bring Jeffrey into their home. We know this is a privilege and joy for them, but as their extended community friends and family, we want to help restore some of the funds they've given to build their family.